Wait! Don't hit me! I'm wearing glasses! 8-)
  • Absorption: 5
  • Credits: 10000

Bubblewrap Armour

Will absorb the kinetic energy out of most projects with a loud *POP* Ooooh! *POP* *POP* Hehe, this is fun! *POP* *POP* *POP*
  • Absorption: 10
  • Credits: 20000

Cardboardium Alloy Plating

This stuff is three sheets thick and is comprised of interwoven fibres. Strong as hell... except for when it gets wet.
  • Absorption: 15
  • Credits: 40000

Weighted Companion Cube

Recovered from Aperture Labs. This thing can take a punch.
  • Absorption: 20
  • Credits: 72000

Emotional Blackmail

But... you said we'd be friends forever! :'(
  • Absorption: 25
  • Credits: 115000

Double Glazing

Keeps out the cold and protects you like never before!
  • Absorption: 30
  • Credits: 184000

Deflector Dish

This multi-use, ultra-adaptable shield system is just perfect for everything! It even cooks eggs!
  • Absorption: 35
  • Credits: 270000

Bayesian Weapon Filter

Don't like weapon damage? Filter it out now today! Call 1-800-OUCH
  • Absorption: 40
  • Credits: 410000

Box of Kittens

Time to destroy yo--- Awwww kittens! And they're so adorable! <3
  • Absorption: 45
  • Credits: 580000

Insanity Plea

A fool-proof defence!
  • Absorption: 50
  • Credits: 750000

Ignorance Matrix

You got hit? That wasn't weapon fire, that was the wind. Yes... the wind.
  • Absorption: 55
  • Credits: 980000

UN Weapons Inspector

If your enemy has weapons, he'll find them!
  • Absorption: 60
  • Credits: 1270000

Diplomatic Immunity

You dare to think you can hurt me?
  • Absorption: 65
  • Credits: 1520000

Massive Ego

Because, obviously, you can never be defeated, right?
  • Absorption: 70
  • Credits: 1820000

Action Hero Aura

Concentrated, freshly bottled aura straight from the source! Shrug off bullets and explosions just like your favourite action hero!
  • Absorption: 75
  • Credits: 2180000

The One Ring

You can't attack what you can't see! Side effects may include: pale skin, dark eyes, fatigue, sleepless nights, daemonic encounters, evil outbursts and slight soul degradation.
  • Absorption: 80
  • Credits: 2500000

Nuclear Submarine

I'm sure I've seen this somewhere before...
  • Absorption: 85
  • Credits: 2870000

Adamantium Shield

Totally original and indestructible black and white shield emblazoned with a broken planet logo. Completely original. Huh? Is that red and blue showing through the paint chips?
  • Absorption: 90
  • Credits: 3300000

Somebody Else's Problem Field

What was that? I thought I just saw something out the corner of my eye... Hmmm, it was probably nothing.
  • Absorption: 95
  • Credits: 3600000

Carefully Constructed Maze of Towers

Cause the best defence is a tower defence!
  • Absorption: 100
  • Credits: 4000000