Mechadroids - Round 15

Posted on Tuesday, 5th November, 2013


Round 14 has just come to an end ended with Quarionaid on top of the scrap head, congratulations! There he is in all his glory on the right. Runners up this round ElSnoopere and guima, coming in at second and third place, respectively. Congrats to those guys as well!

As always, you can visit the Hall of Champions to view all previous rounds' winners in their fully customised awesomeness!

Round 15 has just started, good luck everyone!

Mechadroids - Round 14

Posted on Monday, 2nd September, 2013


Round 13 has just ended. Congratulations to DarkN for his place on top of the scrap pile podium, with SuperAndroid09 and KRONOS just slightly behind!

Please visit the Hall of Champions to view all previous rounds' winners in all their customised glory!

Round 14 is commencing immediately, another 2 month round, so let the fighting begin!

Mechadroids - Round 13

Posted on Monday, 1st July, 2013

Round 12, another 2-month long round, has just concluded! Congratulations to chicoteRAW for clawing his way to the top of the scrap heap and obtaining first place!  He can be seen in all his glory to the right :)

Additional congratulations are also in order for KAOTTICO and lmn for 2nd and 3rd place, respectively.

As always, you can check out all previous round's winners by visiting the Hall of Champions!

Round 13 is commencing immediately, so get in there and make some more scrap metal!

Mechadroids - Round 12

Posted on Thursday, 2nd May, 2013

The first 2-month Round 11 is now over. Congratulations to lmn for taking first place! And kudos are also in order for Arobot and ale6 for taking 2nd and 3rd place. Remember you can check out all previous round's winners by visiting the Hall of Champions.

Round 12 is another 2-month round and has already begun, so duct tape that cardboardium armour and reload those foam missiles and get ready to fight!

Mechadroids - Round 8

Posted on Saturday, 1st December, 2012

Round 7 is officially over and congratulations goes to Smeghead for winning another round! Well done to Zurg and Roboboy for taking second and third place again. You can check out all the previous rounds champions, and defeated piles of metal, by visiting the Hall of Champions. Round 8 starts now, good luck everyone! May the best Mechadroid win.

Mechadroids - Round 7

Posted on Wednesday, 31st October, 2012

Round 6 is officially over and congratulations goes to Smeghead for winning this round. Well done to Zurg and Roboboy for taking second and third place. You can check out all the previous rounds champions, and defeated piles of metal, by visiting the Hall of Champions. Round 7 starts now, good luck everyone!

Mechadroids - Round 6

Posted on Monday, 1st October, 2012

Round 5 is officially over and congratulations goes to Timothy for winning this round. Well done to Smeghead and Fluffball for coming in close behind. Good luck on the new round!

Mechadroids Round 5, Fight!

Posted on Saturday, 1st September, 2012

Round 4 is officially over and congratulations goes to NeverLupus as he continues his dominance over the Mechadroids' leaderboard for a second win in a row!  Nicely done! Well done to Titan and Timothy for coming in close behind.

Also, a big thanks goes to out to everyone who participated in Round 4.  We're slowly building up a larger active player base, which is great news.  Mechadroids is designed around player versus player combat so the more players we have, the more fun Mechadroids will be. This, in turn, will attract more players!

That being said, we've been extremely busy behind the scenes here at Deadworld Studios and have had little time to work on Mechadroids apart from minor bug fixes.  So, unfortunately, we'll be kicking off Round 5 with no additional features. That doesn't mean we don't have anything new planned for future releases... and we definitely have some big plans!

We are also in the process of working on a Facebook (and potentially Google+) version of Mechadroids so you can play on your computer when you're at home (or work) and then continue the fight when you're out and about with the Android version.  We'll keep you posted on its progress.

So, without further ado, let Round 5 commence!

Available for Android on Google Play

Mechadroids Round 4 and Update 1.2.0

Posted on Saturday, 28th July, 2012

With Round 4 starting (Update 1.2.0) we release our largest Mechadroids update! Along with all the great new features we mentioned in the previous blog post we've made one or two tweaks and bug fixes. Congratulations to 'NeverLupus' who has been duking it out from Round 1 to win a round, narrowly missing out each time. This time he has emerged victorious from the wreckage! Special mention to 'WiredDroid2' and 'saq' for being close behind. So... what's next? We'll be working on a web version of the game for Facebook and Google+, along with more features for the Android version. It's still early days but expect to hear more information about that in the coming weeks. That said... enjoy Round 4! Here is the full changelog... New Features: - Added two new premium Mechadroids (Ninja and Pirate) to the Store - Introduced the 'Active Battle' system - Introduced the 'Bounty' system - Bounty events added Changes: - Coolant BP cost changed from '80' to '100' Bugs Fixed: - Creation of Mechadroid fails without SD card - Intermittent crash when selecting a player to taunt in the scoreboard - Crash when selecting to taunt a player from the attack list - Crash from cleanup code in targetting activity - Crash for billing system - Crash when entering Techlab - Crash when returning from inactivity in battle details then going back to battle overview - Level progression doesn't actually get harder - Players are not awarded BP for attacking and winning against players more than 5 levels above them Available for Android on Google Play

Round 4 Info: New Mechadroids and New Features!

Posted on Friday, 27th July, 2012

Round 4 starts tomorrow and we've been working really hard to bring some awesome features into Mechadroids!

Two Premium Mechadroids: Ninja vs Pirate!

Round 4 - Mechadroids Preview

We're introducing two new Mechadroids to the store! The Ninja, a covert agent of unorthodox warfare, and the Pirate, criminal scum of the world. When you purchase them in the Mechadroids store you'll get a free rebuild and the full set of Mechadroid parts to remake yourself however you'd like!

New (Active) Battle System

You now have a choice of continuing to use the old battle system (now named 'Passive Battle') or using the new, more involved, Active Battle system. Using this new system you'll have much more control over fighting. You'll fight the battles turn by turn with a choice of four different attacks (normal, power, quick and scatter shot). You'll be able to feel out your opponent's weakness while fighting and exploit it 'till they are crying "Please.... No More!".

Bounty System

Have that certain foe that keeps stealing all your credits? Have trouble beating them yourself? Put them up on the bounty board! You'll be able to set credit and BP bounties on any player in the game. Any victory against a bountied player will give you some of the bounty and by people winning they will also steal credits off the bountied player so it's a win/win situation... except for the bountied!

So that's a taste of the new features coming tomorrow, not to mention the bug fixes and other smaller changes. See you at 8am UTC+1!

Mechadroids Round 3 and Update 1.1.0

Posted on Saturday, 7th July, 2012

Get ready for the smack-talk, because the Mechadroid voice synthesizers are coming online! Version 1.1.0 of Mechadroids brings with it the new Taunt System so you can tell your foes (and even your friends) what you really think of them. Everyone starts with the free standard taunt pack but there are more packs available from the premium content store so check them out!

In addition, you can now purchase Deadworld Fragments (our premium content currency) from the Deadworld ID site and Fragment purchases from this site are subject to a discount of up to 10%!

Here is the full changelog...

New Features:
- 'Taunts' system added
- Added four taunt packs to the Store
- Round countdown added to the overview
- BP added to the overview
- Hub activity is now displayed in 'Recent Events'
- Taunts activity is now displayed in 'Recent Events'

- Set a coolant storage limit of 3 to prevent coolant hoarding between rounds
- Made overview buttons longer to better fit screens
- Changed some overview words to icons (e.g. 'credits' to an icon)
- Removed 'Leaderboard' from 'The Boards'

Bugs Fixed:
- 'Lost Connection' sometimes appears after inactivity
- When attacking a lower level Mechadroid (6 or more level below) the message 'You received 5 BP' is provided when it should not appear
- Crashes involving cleaning up images but not correctly reloading them
- Crash when sometimes loading 'The Hub'
- Various crashes

Mechadroids Round 2 & Update 1.0.1

Posted on Saturday, 16th June, 2012

Congratulations to the Mechadroids Hall of Famers from round 1! It was a tough round for some people and some vicious fighting took place for those highly coveted positions! The hall of famers will be remembered on the Mechadroids site long after the last Mechadroid has fallen into a crumpled cardboard pile. That said, onto round 2 and update 1.0.1. The focus of this update is to fix bugs, tweak balance and introduce a few small changes into the game. The exciting new features will come in Round 3 (update 1.1.0). So, stable that arm back on since it's round 2... fight! Here is the full changelog... New Features: - 'Mechadroids News' now has click-able links (URLs) - New area 'Hall of Champions' has been added to the website, which shows all previous rounds' winners Changes: - 10% bonus XP for 'player vs. player' combat (PvP) - XP bonus for defeating higher level Mechadroids (based on level difference) - Reduced coolant BP cost from 150 to 80 - Increased weapon and shield prices - Bot weapons and shields balance tweaked - Battle calculations now take into account 'real level' instead of ignoring pending levels - Hall of Fame on the website has been renamed to The Arena and shows all player Mechadroids now Bugs Fixed: - Server API error when creating Mechadroid - Fixed a bug relating to the speed attribute - Players are not awarded BP for attacking and winning against players more than 5 levels above them - Rebuild sometimes sent the wrong customisation to the server - Fixed various server errors and warnings - Player’s rank / player rank starting at 0 - 'Recent events' showing duplicate reports when attacking Mechadroids from it - Adding a friend or foe clears 'The Boards' - Adding a friend or foe, who the player has not seen, will crash Mechadroids - Fixed various crashes

DWS @ Welsh Games Development Show 2012

Posted on Tuesday, 12th June, 2012

After a successful Mechadroids release we're off to show the game off in our very first games show.

We'll be attending the Gameslab Welsh Games Development Show on 22nd of June at Cardiff's Millennium Centre.

If you're free we would love to meet anyone who comes to see us! The show starts at 10am and ends at 3pm - you'll need a ticket but the good news is that it's free!

Grab your free ticket here!

Join the Fight! Mechadroids is Released!

Posted on Wednesday, 30th May, 2012

Mechadroids is now available on Google Play! Download it free for Android and join the fight! Start up your Large Hadron Colliders and brush the dust off your cardboardium armour! Fix that gammy left leg, slap on the paint and bring the Mech infused action to your friends and foes. Download Mechadroids on Google Play See our Mechadroids release trailer for a glimpse of the game!

Mechadroids is Coming - 30th of May

Posted on Friday, 25th May, 2012

That's right! Our 4 month, going on 14 month, Android development project is finally coming to fruition. We've really been pushing ourselves hard to get everything wrapped up and in five days time, on the 30th of May, we'll be releasing Mechadroids onto Google Play! Epic thanks go out to our community for their testing, feedback and constructive (and not so constructive) criticisms. Also, massive thanks goes to our Artist, Alix Briskham (portfolio here), who has turned Mechadroids from an obfuscated and confusing sprawl of poorly drawn images and icons into a sleek masterpiece of awesomeness (with a lot more improvements and premium content coming very soon). So, ladies and gentlemen, get your Mechadroid ready. Mechadroids is coming, for honour and glory!

Mechadroids Update 0.5.2

Posted on Wednesday, 23rd May, 2012

We are finally here. This is the last Mechadroids release (baring any game breaking bugs) before we push out to Google Play and rename to version 1.0.0! We have to say thank you to everyone who is helping us out by testing Mechadroids. This is the last push until we go live! With this new version we bring you something else very special. We've completely rewritten our authentication / user system and we bring you the new Deadworld Studios ID system (DWID). You can log in with your existing Deadworld login details. Keep an eye out for an announcement for Mechadroid's upcoming release date! Features: - Added 'Battle Points' (BP). BP is gained from fighting other human players and can be used on some premium content - Added 'Rebuild' premium item - Added 'Rebuild' area. Allows you to change parts and colours of your Mechadroid if you have a rebuild item - Player's Mechadroid is displayed on the main screen once it is cached - Added colour copy & paste functionality to Create and Rebuild areas - Registration from Mechadroids now works - Added one time help messages for some areas Changes: - [Server] Mechadroid images generated and cached on the server for much faster loading in Battle Overview - [Server] Bots are now slightly harder than the last version - [Server] Battle algorithm tweaked - [Server] 'Coolant' premium item cost has changed from 100 frags to 300 frags - [Server] 'No Ads' premium item cost has changed from 500 frags to 1000 frags - [Client] BP replaces Credits in the Store - [Client] Buy limit for coolant has been replaced with a daily coolant 'use' limit - [Client] Key information in the detailed battle messages is now colour highlighted Bugs Fixed: - [Client] Various crashes from inactivity - [Client] Customised opponent Mechadroid didn't always load correctly

Mechadroids Update 0.5.1

Posted on Wednesday, 9th May, 2012

Here is our first balance update for Mechadroids version 0.5.x. We've tweaked a few things and run a reset.

With each release we're running a 20 question quiz. Congratulations to 'Pringle' won the prize of 300 fragments, 'Dracuella' won 200 fragments and 'Inveracity' won 100 fragments! We'll be running another one today so feel free to drop by our IRC channel.

All participants will receive 50 frags and frags are premium content currency for Deadworld Studios!

- [Server] Battle turn sequence algorithm has been improved to make it scale better
- [Server] Attack and defence attribute calculations have been improved for scaling
- [Server] Bot Mechadroids slowly gain credits each hour up to a maximum
- [Server] Credit stealing from lower levels has a much greater fall-off

Bugs Fixed:
- [Client] Players leaderboard is sometimes duplicated when returning from inactivity
- [Client] Crashes in players leaderboard when returning from inactivity
- [Client] Crashes in techlab/store/weapons lab/shields lab when returning from inactivity
- [Client] Adding a player from the 'Recent Events' could cause a crash

Mechadroids Update 0.5.0

Posted on Wednesday, 2nd May, 2012

We have a big update for you today! Mechadroids 0.5.0 has just been released! We're very proud to show off all the new artwork. The game has been brought to life with the style shining through. This is the last major release before we launch Mechadroids onto Google Play. Starting today we enter a month of rapid balance testing and so we need your support now more than ever. For the next three to four weeks we'll be running Mechadroids for week long rounds and then changing the balance to see how well the game plays out. During this time we'll also fix any obvious bugs, show stoppers and quick wins. We're almost at the major milestone so wish us luck and we hope you enjoy the release! Here is the full changelog... New Features: - Custom Mechadroid creation with three Mechadroid types to choose from! - Implemented 'Fragments' for buying premium content items - Premium content store added for buying premium items - 'Coolant' in-app purchase item to reduce heat - 'No Adverts' in-app purchase item to remove in-game adverts - Encrypted communication between client and server Changes: - Most of the art in the game has been updated (lots of changes!) - Overview displays your custom Mechadroid - Battle overview now displays your Mechadroid and your opponents Mechadroid - Changed the 'Help' to 'Tutorial' that contains an easy to follow guide - Mechadroids launcher icon has been updated - Added icons for credits and fragments to replace the words 'credits' and 'fragments' - Changed the layout of the Overview's attributes - Added the coolant activation button to the Overview Bugs Fixed: - Crash when a new user tries to log in - The Hub shows 'Unknown' result on the first ever load and before selecting any activities - Selection zones of 'The Hub' were not working for some phone resolutions

Mechadroids Update 0.4.0

Posted on Friday, 17th February, 2012

After a few busy weeks of Ludum Dare, conferences, gaming nights and a successful world record attempt we still had time to continue working on Mechadroids so here is version 0.4.0! One of the major new features is the much requested zero player activities. We've implemented this in the form of 'The Hub' where you visit the nearby city to complete one of four activities described in the changelog. We hope this introduces various ways for Mechadroids to help themselves out of ruts in the game and to successfully beat their foes! We hope you guys enjoy this version. We're getting close to the Android Market release! Here is the full changelog... New Features: - Notifications now are displayed to the player on first load of Mechadroids - Training League - Any Mechadroid above level 5 cannot attack a Mechadroid at level 5 or below - 'The Hub' area added containing four activities that can be set to give you buffs / money Tune up - Takes 24 hours to complete then gives you a bonus to one of your main attributes for 24 hours Gambling - Takes 24 hours to complete then gives you money based off your level Sabotage - Takes 24 hours for you to sabotage Mechadroid supplies. You get 12 hours of bonus to Mechadroid armour penetration Overclock - Takes 24 hours to complete then gives you a bonus to your shield or weapon for 24 hours Changes: - Added different event icons for 'Attack Lost' and 'Defence Lost' to help identify the events for faster reading - Changed how many credits gained from opponents who are a lower level - DWS news area renamed to 'Mechadroids News' - Mechadroids news area loads a lot faster - 'Upgrade' button moved from 'Overview' area to the 'Techlab' area - When you first encounter your new level you are prompted to level up - if you don't you can level up via the techlab - All areas that contain lists (Events, Attack, Scoreboards) are a lot faster now Bugs Fixed: - When attacking from the 'Events' list, on return from the fight the events are duplicated - Selection index problems with the leader and player board (adding wrong friend/foe, attacking wrong Mechadroid) in certain situations - Crash when overview response takes too long and a user selects 'Attack' - Player rank is calculated incorrectly when the player is greater than rank/position 10

Mechadroids Update 0.3.0

Posted on Monday, 16th January, 2012

What madness is this? Two Mechadroid releases within half a year of each other and four weeks none the less?! That's right! Here is Mechadroids release 0.3.0!

A few exciting things have happened in the past three weeks. Our community member Inveracity has been very busy creating us a Mechadroid launch video for the previous version 0.2.0 and a full length Mechadroids theme tune! Our community is growing and we're making good progress.

So, what have we thrown together for this release? A few exciting things. Firstly we have tweaked the balance of the game so try it out and see how it has changed. We have also added a contact system for friends and foes. You can now add players as a friend or foe using a long click anywhere you see a player name. This allows you to track how well you're doing against your friends and allow you to attack people anywhere you see a name! In addition to this the detailed battle has new messages that are unique to each weapon and shield. It gives you important information regarding your foe's armour weak points. Next time you fight it might be worth checking them out to get the upper hand in a fight!

Here is the full changelog...

New Features:
- Contacts system with friends and foe leaderboards
- Player only leaderboard
- Unique detailed battle messages

- Player highlighting for you (blue) / foes (red) / friends (green) / players (yellow) / bots (white)
- Deadworld news area now works (looks at our twitter account for #mechadroids hashtag)
- Prevented attacking when heat level is maxed out
- Balance changes

Bugs Fixed:
- Various weapons and shields not displaying in the battle overview (thanks Inveracity)
- Mechadroids creation limited to names that contains no spaces and alphanumeric characters only


Mechadroids Update 0.2.0

Posted on Friday, 23rd December, 2011

We're still here! *waves* Honest! After a lot of delays (Jargon moving to Australia and CWolf being worked to death, quitting, moving to Germany and going DWS fulltime!) we're happy to give you our Christmas present early... a new Mechadroids update!

The new update brings in a few core changes/additions to the game play, general bug fixes and some much needed layout improvements for the smaller resolution phones. With the addition of the targeting system you can now target specific Mechadroid areas to attack. With your armour refit system you'll be able to change where your strengths and weaknesses are. This brings a lot more strategy into Mechadroids that was absent in the last version. We'll be eager to hear your feedback on this.

Two important points are that you can now opt-out of the daily Mechadroids report and more balancing is coming soon! The daily report is only sent if there is activity regarding your Mechadroid so for those of you who may have tagged it as spam you can now untag it as spam and deactivate instead. This would help us out a lot!

Alpha testers can now visit the Mechadroids download area to install or if you happen to have the old version of Mechadroids installed it will prompt you to update.

Here is the full changelog...

New Features:
- Targeting system for battles
- Armour refit system
- Ability to 'opt-out' of the daily report
- Settings area
- Deadworld Studios news area
- Pay to remove adverts support (inactive until released on the Android Market)
- You are asked for confirmation when buying weaker / same strength weapons & shields

- Daily reports are now only sent if activity is detected for your Mechadroid
- Weapons and shields are now more expensive
- Battle result is now a battle overview with ability to view further details
- Much better layout for smaller resolution phones
- Leaderboard now highlights human players in red
- Removed donate placeholder

Bugs Fixed:
- Crash related to Paypal and loss of mobile internet signal (Paypal removed)


Mechadroids Update - Build 78

Posted on Wednesday, 27th July, 2011

We've just released our first update for Mechadroids! This release was primarily for bug fixing so we're having to push the reset button. Don't worry though because this will bring a balance change to the game! In addition to that new features have been designed are on their way. To obtain the update all you need to do is launch up Mecharoids and it will automatically detect that there is a new version. All you need to do then is select update! If you haven't been able to install Mechadroids due to being on Android 2.1 you can now visit the download link to install as we've extended our support to your version. Here is the changelog. New Features: - Support Android 2.1+ - Daily battle reports Changes: - Improved identification of human players in the attack list - Game play balancing Bugs Fixed: - Infinite crash-loop due to poor signal. - Fix remote crash logging. - Escape special characters in client. - Persist login data when focus is lost. - Fix login activity resuming correctly. - Fix attack list bug Enjoy!

Game Released: Mechadroids - Closed Alpha

Posted on Tuesday, 19th July, 2011

Robots Fighting

War... war sometimes changes. Tonight we released Mechadroids to the closed alpha testers! We've been playing the game during the evening; we're stealing credits while attacking each other with some insane weaponry.

Alpha testers will receive an email with details on how to play when they have been accepted. We are having some small issues with our emails being sent into spam folders so please check there before taking out your rubbish! If you're a tester please log feedback at Deadworld Feedback. If you have any problems with your login or our websites please email us at

The next few weeks will be used to balance Mechadroids ready for our big release onto the Android Market. Once there anyone with an Android phone will be able to download and play Mechadroids.

Remember for more information visit the Mechadroids information page and the Mechadroids site! Good hunting alphas!

Game Announcement: Mechadroids

Posted on Sunday, 3rd July, 2011

So, finally after all the secretive, nondescript tweets regarding our hard work we'd like to announce a new game - Mechadroids.


Mechadroids is a fast paced, tongue-in-cheek game that will be released on Android, Facebook and the Mechadroids site. Initially, we are only releasing the Android version but we'll be branching into the other platforms soon.

Before we hit the Android Market we're going to have a closed alpha testing period. This will help us iron out any bugs and tweek the game. This period will last a few weeks then we will release Mechadroids onto the market as an open beta.

Help us perfect this game by going to the Mechadroids alpha registration page and registering to join the Android alpha test. Please also visit our forum to share any thoughts you have about the game.

For those who are wondering what our plans are regarding Root Access, you don't need to worry. Mechadroids is a small side project for us that we really wanted to make before we continued development on Root Access, which we consider a much larger project.