“Jason Teenblood took a deep breath to regain his focus as his blurred vision slowly began to clear. A crack ran down the centre of his viewscreen and he could hear the constant thud of ping pong balls against the side of his battle droid, that was fine he knew they couldn't penetrate his nanoweave cardboardium armour; there was something else though, a dull beeping sound that he couldn't quite place.

Then it came to him, he blinked his eyes and sobered up in an instant; his droid was prone from the last volley of foam missiles and they had regained a lock on him. With an effort he managed to get his droid back to its feet and turn to face his opponent. Two missiles were closing, he managed to take the first out with a blast from his automatic pinball launcher, he staggered back and the second missile left a crater where he had just been.

Shaken but not stirred Jason appraised the situation.

The other droid was much smaller but it had surprised him and caused significant damage; once this was over he was going to have to break out the duct tape until he could make proper repairs. His waterbomb cannon was offline and his automatic pinball launcher was low on ammo, he had only one chance.

Breaking into a run he closed the distance to the enemy droid, ignoring the ping pong balls he feinted to the left before opening fire with his hose pipe; at this range he couldn't miss and the enemy droid was sent sprawling, it tried to right itself but its leg was soaked through and it buckled, collapsing into a soggy heap of wreckage.”

Mechadroids is a fast-paced, tongue-in-cheek, addictive mechanoid battle simulator designed with a quick pick-up-and-play attitude in mind. The player controls a Mechadroid by simply giving it a command to attack another Mechadroid. Depending on the outcome of the battle, the Mechadroid may gain experience. Once enough experience has been obtained, the player can upgrade their Mechadroid, making it more powerful in subsequent battles. Mechadroids are also able to steal a sizeable amount of their enemies credits if victorious, which can then be used to purchase new equipment from the Techlab.